Moodle platform

The TILA Moodle is a platform where people can meet, exchange, find information, organize classes, and access the telecollaboration tools. It is a functional environment that has two key functions. The first one is to provide as much relevant information as possible about telecollaboration in secondary school language classes. We achieve this by providing a wealth of open resources, accessible by simply using the various menus on top of the Moodle homepage. The second function is to provide a clear, safe and rich area for those participating in telecollaboration. In this Teacher Networking Area teachers cannot only find handy tools, such as a partner finding tool and a virtual teacher's room, but also have their own classrooms, and have their pupils use virtually all the TILA tools.

As of 2016, access to the Teacher Networking Area requires a TILA membership. Rates for access to all the TILA tools start at only € 0,23 per month (we just need to cover the cost price). An overview of the various membership options can be found here.

Last modified: Thursday, 9 July 2015, 11:55 AM