Big Blue Button (BBB)

Big Blue Button (BBB) is a teleconferencing tool that runs on a separate dedicated server. It should only be accessed via this Moodle.

FLASH (Latest version please)
The software (BBB 8.1) runs entirely on Flash so the latest version should be installed on the computer. 
You can find the latest Flash player here: 

The ports that are used at BBB are 80 (HTTP), 9123 (Desktop Sharing), and 1935 (RTMP). These ports are all TCP ports.

Big Blue Button offers several features for video conferencing or teaching.

  • Web Cam - Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams. They can all see and hear eachother.

  • Integrated VoIP (voice chat) - BigBlueButton voice conferencing supports voice over IP (VOIP) conferencing out-of-the-box. All your students require are speakers and a microphone to participate.

  • Record and Playback - BigBlueButton can record your lectures for later playback by students or it can record the sessions that students have together. It records the video, audio, the slides used and the textchat.

  • Presentation - The presenter can upload any PDF presentation or Microsoft office document to present, zoom, pan, and keep students in sync.

  • Whiteboard controls let you annotate and call out key parts of your presentation for viewers, you can write and draw on your slides.

  • Desktop Sharing - Go beyond slides. The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all students to see. Works on Mac, Unix and PC.

If you want to see how it all workds, watch the video's on 

Need instructions: see the PDF: BBB instructions

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