Research topics & approach

Research objectives

Focus studies

Dedicated focus studies in the TILA Research Report analyse intercultural communication and learning in relation to telecollaboration in 'tandem' and 'lingua franca' constellations.

Special attention is given to

  • task design and blended learning integration,
  • teacher and learner perspectives on telecollaboration for intercultural communication and development,
  • linguistic self-efficacy and language anxiety in telecollaboration,
  • negotiation of meaning in intercultural communication,
  • teacher roles in telecollaboration.

The overall methodological approach is influenced by ‘grounded theory’ with a preference for case study designs. The analyses generally triangulate qualitative and quantitative methods based on

  • participant observation
  • performance data
  • questionnaires
  • interviews

Research studies typically follow a cycle from study design to data collection and analysis to evaluation and synthesis of results.


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