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Glossary: Overview of telecollaboration tools and affordances


Mahara is a combination of an ePortfolio and a social networking system. Students can create blogs, upload files, embed resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups.

Mahara provides a comprehensive blogging tool, a social networking facility where users can create and maintain a list of Friends, a Resumé Builder allowing users to create digital CVs. Users can share information through a variety of optional profile information fields.

Go to the following Mahara website to watch a demo and learn more about the different features Mahara provides.

Mahara demo video and description of its features

Interface with Moodle - Mahara also provides a single-sign on capability that allows users to be automatically logged in to both their Mahara and Moodle accounts.


This is what you can do with Maraha (these are screenshots from the Mahara website



 Mahara user manual


Moodle is a one-stop shop learning platform offering a variety of social networking features:

  • Discussion Forums, Wikis, Blogs, and Chat
  • It also offers the option to integrate the video conferencing tool BigBlueButton

In addition, teachers can

  • upload files, or create links to external websites
  • display schedule
  • make announcements
  • … and much more


Alternative social educational platform:

see "Edmodo", "Mahara"