Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 3:12 AM
Site: TILA project
Course: General info (General info)
Glossary: Overview of telecollaboration tools and affordances


A forum is basically a bulletin board, a means for asynchronous communication with a group of users.


  • Moodle Forum


  • asynchronous written online discussion
  • messages are posted and archived
  • many users can react to a posts
  • attachments
  • insertion of pictures
  • insertion of links

Usefull for

  • Written communication on a certain topic that takes place over a period of time
  • Exchange information and opinions within a group
  • Ask questions and ask for help
  • Teacher networking: teachers can use a forum that is invisible to pupils to discuss problems and exchange ideas and experiences


  • Delay in time => set deadlines to ensure smooth communication flow)
  • Requires specific tasks and instructions to ensure interaction (i.e. that students react to each others’ posts: appreciate what was said in a post, add own comment, and maybe ask a new question)


Demo video about forum in Moodle