Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 2:49 AM
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Course: General info (General info)
Glossary: Overview of telecollaboration tools and affordances


„Edmodo is regarded as a social networking site for teachers and students. It provides a free and secure social learning space for a class to connect and collaborate. Teachers and students can post messages, discuss topics, assign and grade class work, and share digital content such as links, pictures, videos, documents and presentations.” (Edmodo Review “Social Networking for Schools”, http://edjudo.com/edmodo-review-social-networking-for-teachers-and-students.html)


  • Edmodo is free to use and contains no advertising
  • It provides a secure learning environment protected by built-in privacy controls
  • Teachers can post messages for their students and students can post to the group
  • Teachers and students can share content and materials including web links and videos
  • Post classroom assignments encourage discussions and track progress online
  • Teachers can also grade assignments online providing convenient feedback
  • Enables teachers to network with other teachers to share ideas and resources
  • It has a calendar feature which helps track assignments and events
  • Users can connect via mobile smart phones and be updated with the latest posts

Edmodo Website: www.edmodo.com


Demo videos: